Our Department

The Bruderheim Fire Department was formed in 1915 and, nearly a century later, we are still serving Town of Bruderheim and Lamont County residents as a paid-on-call fire department. Along with responding to various types of emergency incidents, we also maintain strong ties to the community by participating in a number of community events including pancake breakfasts, What’s Up in Bruderheim, Fire Prevention Week activities and Town wide Clean Up.

The Bruderheim Fire Department is a proud part of Lamont County Emergency Services; a regional emergency services organization governing day to day operations of all fire departments in Lamont County. The Bruderheim Fire Department became a part of this group in January 2016.



The mission of the Bruderheim Fire Department is to preserve life, diminish property losses, protect the environment and support the needs of the community.



The Bruderheim Fire Department provides peace of mind to a proud and supportive community through its dedicated, highly trained and competent membership.




  1. Preventing and extinguishing fires.
  2. Investigating the cause of fires.
  3. Preserving life and property and protecting persons and property from injury or destruction by fire.
  4. Providing rescue and assisting with ambulance and emergency medical services.
  5. Preventing prairie or running fires and enforcing the provisions of the Forest and Prairie protection act.
  6. Preventing, combating, and controlling incidents.
  7. Carrying out preventable patrols.
  8. Entering into agreements with other municipalities or persons for the joint use, control, and management of fire extinguishing apparatus and equipment.
  9. Purchasing and operating apparatus and equipment for extinguishing fires or preserving life or property.

The fire department is also authorized to control and mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods.